Livingdocs powers the newsrooms of Watson, NZZ and Bluewin. Finally publishing content is a breeze. We scaled the product and grew the team successfully, from a handful to 13 people in less than a year.

Quel heur est il? Arduino based qlocktwo clone.

Crowdsourced directory for legal graffiti spots. The perfect inspiration for the adventurous graffiti artist.

One summer, I decided to build my own custom single speed bike. Let’s roll!

A simple arcade for our company retreat, to honor the just married street fighter nerd on the team.

I love food, ramen in particular. Watch out for the best noodle soups on foursquare.

Silp has more than 8 million registered users who signed up to get informed of new career opportunities. My role was tech team lead and lead engineer. I co-founded Silp, which got acquired in 2015.